Our Standard Ordering Procedure

Our aim is to find for you, the best quality produce at the most competitive prices.

Below we have outlined the usual procedure for the first purchase order you make with FreshFruitFreshVeg.com.

Moving forwards if you are happy with our service provided, we can agree on other terms for long-term agreements, tenders or commitments.

Order in 4 Simple Steps

Simply fill out the contact form with your needs: Volume, Quality, Size, Destination etc. your requested item of produce, along with any time frames, transportation and logistical requirements that you might have.

We source the produce you are looking for.

We keep a steady flow of information, informing you of the best options whilst sending sample boxes of the produce on offer to you if requested.

If requested we can arrange for video calls to display to you the available items via video link.

We would be more than welcome to receive you in Ghana.

You can visit our facilities at any stage of the sourcing cycle to see first-hand the products or produce that we have selected for you.

You take the decision to purchase a given amount of produce and send us a purchase order form.

You can complete payment with any of the following options: 

OPTION A: We would need payment of 100% of the order value in our bank account before the goods leave our premises to yours, as we would have to pay to the producers or wholesalers to whom we have purchased the goods in your name.

In some pre-arranged cases, we can insure the order value with an export insurance company.  We would then request the % of the order value agreed in your pre-arranged agreement.

This amount could be sent to our bank as you prefer: Bank transfer. Credit Card. PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram etc.

OPTION B: This is the case when you prefer to pay when the produce has been shipped in the container or truck (FCA). In this case, we need a written and accepted Standby Letter of Credit from your bank to cover 100% of the order value you expect to order in a given time plus any expenses like transportation.  See here a definition and an example of the procedure for a Standby Letter of Credit.

OPTION C: You can also pay directly to the different distributors, producers, or providers personally if you come to Ghana. If needed, we can help you set up a local bank account to accelerate any administrative tasks.